The Vision

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The Restaurant Association of New Zealand and Trents Wholesale are delighted to present the Queenstown Hospitality Awards for 2019. The Awards have been created with a fresh new identity to bring Queenstown's hospitality industry together. The aim of the event is to provide a platform to encourage and support new and established industry leaders within Queenstown hospitality.

The Awards are an important ingredient for the region as Queenstown is recognised globally for its distinction in tourism and hospitality. It's imperative the hospitality industry recognises its champions as it provides not only a peer benchmark for excellence but also serves to give consumers valuable guidelines on the best places to visit. Over 16 awards will be awarded to the best of Queenstown's hospitality industry, as voted by their peers. From crew members, to suppliers, to establishments – the best of the best will be celebrated for their contribution to creating a world-class hospitality industry in Queenstown