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The Vision

For the past six years, Christchurch has been living in a topsy turvy world where something old comes down and something new pops up on the corner of the street every day.  

Cafés, restaurants, bars and other kickass hospitality joints (both new and old) have been at the core of the rebuild, bringing people back into the heart of the city. These establishments have given the community a reason to sit around the table, pick up their knives and forks, and be served by hospo folk doing a world-class job in the coolest come-back city ever.  

The Chevrons is our way of giving one big fist pump to these chefs, baristas, managers, suppliers, bartenders, caterers and everyone else doing a bangin’ job in Christchurch’s hospitality scene.  


Crew Members of the Year 2017
Suppliers of the Year 2017
Breakthrough Talent of the Year 2017
Establishments of the Year 2017