The Vision

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The Taranaki Hospitality Awards affectionately known as "The Halamoana's" are back, proudly brought to you by the Restaurant Association of New Zealand and Lead Partners Lexis Comply Hub.

The awards have been re-created with a fresh new identity to bring the Taranaki hospitality industry together. The awards provide a platform to encourage and support new and established industry leaders within Taranaki hospitality to celebrate the past years success and share with the rest of New Zealand.

15 awards will be awarded to the best of the Taranaki hospitality industry, as voted by their peers. From crew members, to suppliers, to establishments – the best of the best will be celebrated for their contribution to creating a world-class hospitality industry.

About the Halamoana Awards

Back in 2006 a group of Taranaki's hospitality elite wanted to celebrate all that was good about our industry, and recognise excellence among their hard-working peers.

They decided to hold an outstanding awards evening, and named them the Halamoana Awards.

Halamoana means “the movement of the traffic towards a destination”, similar to a wave in the ocean”. This is not only significant for our region, but also in the journey a person makes throughout his or her career.

Filipe Tohi’s aluminium work of art, (which stands at the corner of Brougham and Powderham Streets) is called Halamoana, from this sculpture the name of our awards is borrowed.

The Halamoana Awards ran was recognised as the benchmark for excellence in the Taranaki region. After a small recess, and under the stewardship of the Restaurant Association of New Zealand, the Halamoana Awards have been rekindled and renamed the Taranaki Hospitality Awards. The awards will once again paying homage to all that is excellent in the Taranaki hospitality scene.