Put your hands together for our hospo-loving partners who make the Bay Hospitality Awards possible - with you guys on our side, we really can have our cake and eat it too...

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Manāki whenua, manāki tangata, haere whakamua. 

(If we take care of the earth and take care of people, we will take care of the future).

Steve Bird Wines is a small family owned and operated business built on manākitanga. A generosity of spirit toward the land and each other. The foundation of sharing and caring.

We at Steve Bird Wines are driven by a deep connectedness with the earth and its sustainability, and an inherent belief that of greatest importance, is the relationships we form with each other. As a small, close-knit family of four, whānau is integral to our family-run business and our personal approach to winemaking, from the vineyard to the bottle. Our family, our business family and you our customers are all interwoven into our story. That is why every bottle of Steve Bird Wine carries the traditional Māori weave, the ancient art of storytelling – the Tukutuku. You become part of the Bird whānau and our tukutuku when you gather together with your family and friends, to share food and wine in that same spirit of manākitanga.

It is a privilege for Steve Bird Wines to be lead sponsors for the 2022 Bay Hospitality Awards. Our whanau have lived in the BOP for many generations, and we are incredibly proud of the tenacity and creativity exhibited by our hospitality customers through these very challenging times. We hope this small gesture goes some way to propelling us all toward prosperity. 

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